Brand Update 1.0

Welcome to MattBatFilms Brand Updates,

  • Dazon Studios

What is Dazon Studios? It is our hobby project. We are going to be creating an awesome game studio around the name, and releasing some game changing content this summer!

  • HytaleSpot

This spring, HytaleSpot is one of our first podcasts the team is producing. We’ve partnered up with multiple professionals who know how to properly make podcasts.

With their knowledge, and our funding, HytaleSpot was born. The show will be hosted by our CEO Matthew Valovich, and be talking about the upcoming game Hytale. We hope you are as excited as we are, to be able to take part in the journey in podcasting!

  • Coming soon

Our company has many projects in progress, but we aren’t yet ready to show them to the public. We are going to be releasing 2 new podcasts this year as-well, on top of Hytale Spot, it’s a very exciting movement for us this year.

Additionally, we will be continuing to provide funding services, which are available if you contact us directly via email (!

We are additionally working on a studio for the podcasts, to enable visual listening on YouTube of the podcasts.

  • 2019

2019 is a powerful year for the team, as we strive to innovate and create enjoyable content to come. Keep updated on our Medium Page for more updates, mostly weekly!

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