FAQs of Matter–Mind Studio

So, what is Matter–Mind Studio?

Matter–Mind Studio is a consultancy situated at the intersection of design and psychology. We specialize in (1) conducting research and (2) building tools and services to support emotional well-being. We believe everything is rooted in emotion. We believe in designing for emotions.

Who are you researching and designing for?

We partner with companies, organizations, and institutions dedicated to serving people. Currently, we are working with an after-school program in Brooklyn, United States and a preventative health care clinic in Hangzhou, China. As a studio, we serve a vast, unbounded spectrum of people, groups, and domains.

Our team has collective experience working with environmental organizations, behavioral science research labs, a K12 education startup, a child and family therapy clinic, a design consultancy, and a product design company–projects all focused on emotional well-being in different ways.

Why did you form your studio?

We formed Matter–Mind Studio to fill a major gap in what professional design practices have been offering. Our experience and research shows that most designers focus on what their clients’ customers or users think and how they act. For example, a web designer might craft a site that changes what customers think about a service. A service designer might map a new service journey that changes how someone interacts with a service. But, very few put people’s feelings in the center of how we design.

When a company or organization is dedicated to serving people, they not only need to provide for their stakeholders practically, but also support them emotionally. Unfortunately, people’s emotions are all too often underestimated or altogether neglected. That’s why we practice an emotion-centered design approach that comes loaded with tools to understand and address emotion.

Who’s behind the studio?

Matter–Mind Studio is co-founded by three designers; Colleen Doyle, Doremy Diatta, and Lillian Tong. Together, we are industrial designers, interior designers, graphic designers, environmentalists, service designers, filmmakers, and journalists. We met while studying at the Master of Fine Arts, Transdisciplinary Design program at The New School in New York City. There, we found an overlap in each of our practices–we were each using design to better understand and support emotion. For more about each of us, click here.

How’d you come up with the name, ‘Matter–Mind Studio’?

The name of our studio is a play on the phrases ‘mind over matter’ and ‘a matter of mind.’ The studio’s name points to the far too commonly neglected relationship between the made objects, spaces and experiences and our emotional lives.

Can I hire you for graphic design, product design, web design, branding, or interior design?

Although traditional design skills are in our toolbelt, we do not apply them traditionally at Matter–Mind Studio. We’re committed to addressing challenges holistically and across typical disciplinary boundaries. We’re enthusiastic about coming to a deeper understanding of your challenge and then exploring what approach(es) are most appropriate.

What’s the timeline for your work? What size projects do you work on?

We are flexible. We tailor what we deliver and how long it takes based on your needs–your budget, your timeline, and your objectives. Depending on the richness of your challenge, we adjust what we can deliver within your specifications.

How can I reach out to you?

Please feel free to email us at hello@mattermindstudio.com.

We plan on growing our FAQ list, so please be in touch with any questions you’d like to see answered here! Visit us at mattermindstudio.com

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