Language Art

Definitions are important. At Matter–Mind we feel a responsibility to be deeply thoughtful with the language we use to communicate our ideas about design. The emotional content we grapple with in our work is inherently difficult to describe in words. But language is a beautiful recourse for the loneliness of individual experience. It’s a means to connection. So we continue to make new combinations of words and phrases to try to enhance that connection.

Throughout our team’s collaboration, we find ourselves playing with vocabulary and tuning the specificity of the terms we use. It’s an important exercise for communicating with each other and our partners. We’d like to share an ongoing project: our studio glossary. Below we define both familiar terms we use a lot in the context of our work, and terms we’ve coined to pin down new ideas about design and psychology. If you’ve read our earlier posts you will have seen some of these terms and they will continue to show up in future content. We expect this glossary to grow as we continue researching and making projects down the road.

Matter–Mind Glossary of Terms Volume 1

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