A bed of bamboo sticks, await
To take me to my last sleep
Coiled in the white loins
A Costume to bid me good bye deep

Now I have No allergy to cotton foils
No, I feel no pain to the pricks
Death is the only real
Birth was nothing but travesty

My Money, My gold,
My buildings, my position
All glory lost this moment
My love, my lust , my desires
All materials burnt with one flame

Masked men, fake cries,
Stand around me in condolence
Hidden beneath every dark eyes
In Reality, is only vengeance

Wielding lies, bleeding pain, I sleep
Late afternoon under burning sun
Under the dark horror shadows
They lower me into my grave pit

They drench me in mud
With their blood stained hands
The funeral incense burn
And I sleep into blasphemy

The darksides disclose
Discarding this morbid body
Dark soul departs, And enter the next body
I reincarnate , with no regret,
I realize, i disguise , and again
Enter this cycle of immortality.

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