||GOD vs EVIL||

From times eternal, when the life took birth
we have seen God and Evil in mirth
The first yuga, the Satya yuga
Each had separate two worlds
The Heaven and the Hell
where they took birth and dwell
They decided their conflicts in battles
amidst the floating clouds,
until one’s ego died or enslaved the other;

Then was a time where they decided to share
Two peices of the same earth, in despair
In Treta yuga, they inherited Ayodhya and Lanka
Heaven and Hell incarnated into
Ram and ten headed Ravan’s clans
Lust and greed had the demon’s place on fire
Demon lost, In the final battle for its women desire

Third was when they shared a family
Dwapara yuga where they were nearer than ever,
A shared bloodline of the Pandava and Kaurava
Born brothers, fought the Kurukshetra
Splitting each others throats, Piercing their flesh
Beheading their neared ones and finally, oh Krishna
the Dharma reigned over the evil.

At last they had to be come more near
The Good and the evil, made a pact oh dear
we survive the battles, by killing a thought
Every day, we fight, we survive
Another day, to fight the evil rising
Kali yuga, they have decided to dwell
Deep inside the heart of every man
Thence Making each of us
an incarnate of the God and Devil

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