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Feb 10, 2015 · 5 min read

What happens when you ask one amazing person to name something that’s blown their mind lately, then ask the person who made that thing, and so on? Fall into a rabbit hole of weirdness and wonderfulness.

Penny Martin runs the British women’s magazine The Gentlewoman and is both enviably refined and a total badass, so of course we asked her what she’s gotten excited about lately.


Editor-in-Chief of The Gentlewoman (London)

Untitled, 2014 (Ella Kruglyanskaya)

I just bought this print by Ella Kruglyanskaya at , the pop-up shop of affordable art staged by the art charity Studio Voltaire every other year. Ella did an exhibition at Studio Voltaire’s gallery in Clapham last spring and I’ve been completely spellbound by her work ever since. She can deliver a feminist message with such humor and energy — and a total love of women’s bodies and clothes. She’s completely irresistible.


Painter (NYC)

French Radio Station FIP. Photograph: Eric Cabanis/AFP

is the radio station I listen to the most in the studio. I stream it over the internet but I originally discovered it while visiting Paris, just by turning on the radio randomly. There’s no commercials and I love how unpredictable and wide the repertoire is, but it also has its own internal logic. Sometimes the sequence of songs is topical, which is also kind of funny and literal.

I use it as a musical encyclopedia of sorts, if a song playing jumps out at me, I run to the computer and check what it is. Then I copy the information into a special list of music ideas. It’s getting to be pretty long now!


Director, FIP Radio (Paris)

My choice will be musical, of course. What else for a FIP director ?

You have to know first that I’m a Quebecer who has been living in France for less than two years. When I arrived at FIP, my first surprise was how much the programmers loved Canadian musicians and respect their work. Indeed, over the years, FIP has selected many albums produced by Quebec musicians as “Sélection FIP” — albums we choose to support and broadcast more than others — and this is no exception. So the following choice is mine and FIP’s choice, too!

Klô Pelgag is a young singer with creative genius and boundless imagination. Inspired by visual art, theater, and literature, she wants each song to be like a “landscape for the blind” (those are her words). Her first album is poetic, different, unexpected, off the beaten tracks…


Musician (Montreal)

2014 was the year in which I discovered the work of . Hers are mind-expanding illustrations where capillary themes meet ogres and monsters in a fantasy context where nature and pseudo-medieval architecture go hand in hand. I was completely blown away by her work with which I identify on many levels.


Artist (Paris)

I have discovered the work of the French artist Bertrand Mandico this year. With his deep, beautiful, expressionist and weird black-and-white movie Boro in The Box. I was very moved, very impressed by the intensity of his wild and sharp visions. Their vitality, as well as their darkness.

What is funny is that we live in the same neighborhood in Paris, have the same habit of going to the café around the corner where I tend to go with my boyfriend, the comic book artist Ludovic Debeurme. We have also the same publisher: Cornélius, with whom Bertrand Mandico has released a delicate and strange collection of drawings, Fleur de salive.

Bertrand Mandico

Watch a trailer for his short film, “Boro In The Box.” There is lactation, and corpses, and a man with a box for a head. It’s all very beautiful and hard to explain:

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