After this Horrible Tragedy,
[Insert Response]

By Vijith Assar

(Martin Barraud/Getty Images)

My fellow citizens, the events of [horrible tragedy] weigh heavy on us all, and I come to you today with [emotional ailment]. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of [incident location]. Please join me in a moment of silence.

[moment of silence]

We are a strong country, and [incident location] is a strong community. In time, they will heal, as we all will. Mark my words: [empty platitude].

But we must not wait idly by while more [adjective] lives are lost. Their legacy should be one of courage along the path toward healing, not fear. Over the past [period of time], [statistic]. I say this is unacceptable. [number] percent of you agree. Look around this [region] — I see both [demographic characteristic] and [second demographic characteristic], both [third demographic characteristic] and [fourth demographic characteristic], all of us united in our [depressing sentiment]. This is not a partisan issue. Please join me in calling on our legislature to likewise unite and [legislative function].

We are at a crossroads. Let’s send a clear message — now is the time, and we are tired of waiting for change. It is time for action. It is time for [action]. We owe that to the survivors of [second horrible tragedy] and [third horrible tragedy], and to the families of the victims at [fourth horrible tragedy] and [fifth horrible tragedy]. Enough is enough.