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Letter sent on Oct 30, 2015

Haven’t been reading Ghost Boat? Now’s a great time to catch up

Many weeks into the Ghost Boat project—our live investigation into the vanishing of 243 people —and we’re making serious progress. Untangling the threads of the mystery is complicated, but with the help of readers we’re closing in on the truth… whatever it is.

Now is the perfect time to catch up on the story so far—and find a way to help out.

In the first episode, we ask: How could a refugee boat with so many people have disappeared without a trace?

In Episode 2 we explore whether the boat’s occupants could have made it to Italy. In Episode 3 we uncover the disturbing truth of what happens to bodies that wash ashore in Tunisia and Libya, and then in Episode 4 we track down the source of the mysterious phone call that suggests that people from the Ghost Boat are in a Tunisian jail.

Episode 5 meets some of those who are looking for answers, and Episode 6 sees us discover wiretapped conversations between the smugglers. In Episode 7 looks at how European politics is failing refugees, while Episode 8 asks how hundreds of people can disappear without anyone blinking.

New updates are posted regularly, with fresh evidence, conversations and investigative requests happening all the time. It’s been called “shocking” (BBC), “ambitious” (Amnesty) and “commendable” (Fast Company).

It just takes a click to follow along — and take part in the investigation.

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