How do you want to feel

Last week Matter Studios introduced Elegant Services, a simple and free-to-use tool to help you feel. Essentially, you give us a feeling and we send you content to make you feel that type of way.

Why are we doing this? Elegant Services was designed to fly in the face of content for content’s sake. You’ve been getting enough of that throughout this pokétrumplague dumpster fire of a summer. You already possess endless ways to piss yourself off on the Internet. We don’t want to contribute to the cycle. We want to provide relief.

Specificity of feel was crucial here. Instead of telling us that you want to feel happy, we needed you tell us that you want to feel like your crush invited you to his dorm room but you inadvertently knocked on the wrong door and had just locked eyes with your actual soulmate (for example).

We responded to every feeling we received with a hand-picked Vine. Our average response time was 7.68 minutes. Scroll down to see some examples (click the Vine again once it plays to unmute). And if you like what you see, tune in on Friday for the next installation of Elegant Services, where we will make you feel using a different media type.