Katja Blichfeld vs. Ellen Van Dusen

Katja Blichfield is the co-creator of the series High Maintenance. Ellen Van Dusen is the founder and designer of the cultish clothing line Dusen Dusen. We asked them to spend a week texting each other two photos a day — of anything, really, their toilets, their dogs, their dinners, etc. No words, just images. A visual conversation.

They hadn’t met before we paired them together, although they did end up running into one another at a party mid-week. Afterward, they both told us they felt there was less pressure than Instagram and that they’ve continued swapping photos, just for fun. Blind date: successful.

Anyway, there’s not really a good explanation for this new series. Just look at it.

Email us at matter@medium.com if you’re into this and want to be matched up in a weeklong photo battle of your own.

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