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Lost In Emoji Translation: Apple vs. Android

How to make sure you know what you’re actually saying before you press send.

By Alana Levinson

When you send an emoji to someone, are you thinking about how it will be viewed? Because, it turns out, their meaning can completely change depending on platform. You could think you’re sending a poop *with a wink* but really be communicating that something serious — something that involves flies — is going down.

This is the great linguistic challenge of our generation, and so we are here to help. Check out a full list over at Unicode and remember to emoji thoughtfully.

There Are Two Very Different Kinds of Poop

Apple: Ah shit, I missed my bus.

Android: So, that food truck meat did not sit well…

The Dancer Goes From Salsa Babe To Rotund Blob

Apple: Party tonight!!!!!

Android: Trying to keep the romance alive even though I look like this.

Alien Monster Is Now A Creepy Octopus

Apple: Daft Punk show tonight!

Android: My boss is an asshole sea creature.

Runners Are In Danger of Losing All Forward Motion And Identity

Apple: On my way!

Android: The gingerbread cookie man escaped.

Nail Polish Is No Longer A Marker Of Feminine Ballin’

Apple: Nails done, hair done, everything did.

Android: I’m painting my nails. It’s boring.

A Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration Is Actually A Baby

Apple: Bow down, bitch.

Android: Ready to be changed, mom!

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