Rage-Tweet Your Holiday Uber Surge For Science

Surge pricing sucks, especially during the holidays. There’s a ton of traffic, there are more people in the airport than there are seats, and the trains are running once every 3 to 14 hours. But the moment you’re ready to go, you find out Uber wants you to pay 9.5x normal fare. You’ll want to resist the surge, but you won’t be able to because you’re already late and then you’ll hate yourself for succumbing to the convenience. Uber will take advantage of your pain, and our pain, and everyone’s pain.

Since you’re already going to want to rage-tweet about how expensive your Uber is, you might as well let us know too. Tweet at us, email us (matter@medium.com), or tag us on Instagram (@readmatter) with a photo of your surge. Or if your rage can’t be contained to a tweet, write a response on Medium—you could even write a rage-novella.

There are 146 complaints filed against Uber with the Better Business Bureau, and almost all of them are about surge pricing. One person complained that they paid $729 for an Uber. Don’t be that person. Or do, and just make sure you tell us about it.

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