Tech Reporters and Their Hairy Wrists

For some reason, my RSS feeder is full of frighteningly intimate, shallow depth of field pictures of tech journalists and their hairy wrists. It’s a bit grim, frankly. Also humans are gross apes and we don’t deserve beautiful things like the ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ.

Farhad Manjoo from the New York Times
Geoffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal
Unknown Hairy Wrist from the Los Angeles Times
Linen textures surround this gently hairy wrist from Bloomberg
The carefully shaven wrists of Nilay Patel for The Verge
Limited ladyhair on this wrist from Re/Code
Ultra close up wrist from cnet
Hairy Wrist-on-wrist action from cnet
It’s like they knew I was going to do this (from cnet)

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