Sex Is Sex. But Money Is Money.

The Rules of Engagement

More business lessons from the life of a high-priced escort.

By Svetlana Z
Photographs of Svetlana by Pascal Perich

Big City, Big Money

I didn’t travel much for work, unless it was with a client, but girls I know who went on tour told me that New York City is the best place to be an escort. The men there are ready to play a lot, and to pay more. When a girl travels to a place like Denver, it’s just a different economy, and the guys can’t afford as much.

My friends tell me DC is great, because of all the politicians and money. Detroit, no way: Nothing to do there when you’re not working, and no one can pay there these days anyway.

Some men only want to fuck escorts who are visiting, so they know they’ll never run into them on the street when they’re with their wife and family.

The advantage to going to other cities is that there are guys there who see an escort is visiting from New York, and maybe they look at all her ads and see she has reduced her price for wherever they live, so they think they’re getting a great bargain. They think, “I’m getting to fuck a $1,000 girl for only $600, I’m a great businessman!”

Guys in other cities also write you up on The Erotic Review more often than New York guys do. Why? I think because they want to impress people that they fucked a New York escort. Also, because people in other cities have less to do than New Yorkers, so they have time to write.

So, with the reviews, and the guys thinking you’re a bargain, a girl who wants to have seven or eight appointments in a day can make some good money in a couple weeks. For me, it’s not worth the hassle. I made enough staying in one place.

Listening Is Not Easy

My clients would tell me “funny” stories of their life. I had to smile, I had to laugh, I had to follow, but sometimes my mind went somewhere else, and the guy could be offended. To listen is not easy. To say — and to make it look like you believe — “Oh, I’m sorry, you have very stressed life” — this is not easy. But it’s important! The guy needs to be listened to.

Most of my clients were in their 50s. After this age, guys feel a little depressed. They need to feel attractive, especially to young women. They need to feel like, “Hey, I’m such a cool guy, even though I’m paying. I’m telling her super cool stories and everything is cool in my life.”

But just smiling and saying, “You’re so cool” and pretending to come isn’t enough. A lot of girls can do that. A lot of young, pretty girls. So I tried to make little jokes. I tried to be witty. I said things like “If my lips could talk, they would ask you to kiss me,” or “You talk so good. I bet your tongue was made for cunnilingus.”

Covering Up

The first thing with condoms is, of course, you have them, and you use them. But for blow jobs, I would do it without — what’s called in the business a bbbj, or Bare Back Blow Job. Guys liked it better than covered blow jobs, but that’s not why I did it. At first, I did it covered, but then my mouth tasted like condom all day. Yech!

The second thing about condoms: A lot of girls — especially the high-priced ones like me — ask to know clients’ real names for screening purposes. Once she knows the name, she’ll Google it. If she discovers a millionaire, she might poke some holes in the condom so she can retire and have a baby and relax with lots of money. So really rich guys should bring their own condoms.

Svetlana Z is a 24-year-old former escort living in New York City.

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