By Alana Levinson

We’ve seen brands say bae, but that’s only one horrifying facet of the Brands Unleashed revolution. A major part of corporate social media is the prolific, epidemic, and ineffective use of hashtags. The # is being abused by marketing teams that are desperate to reach a “young”, “hip,” “millennial” consumer.

Matter took to Instagram and found some of the most cringeworthy examples.

Trying to make #boothie happen:

The entire concept of #Snacketology:

#FrostyNose could also be about cocaine:

How high was the social media editor when they came up with #SplitsOnTrees?

This is the exact opposite of #beautiful:

Is #fall what God has in mind when he came up with seasons?

This would actually make for an incredibly un- #HappyMothersDay:

Somehow, this doesn’t give me #FOMO:

A #ChickenCorsage might be the only good thing about prom:

#The #lesson #learned #here #is #don’t #hashtag #lightly.

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