Matterial — Living Knowledge: Release 2.0.0

Nov 26, 2019 · 2 min read

Multi-language, 2FA, table editor, and maintenance

Hey Matterialists,

we’ve just completed the release of version 2.0.0 for Matterial. Here’s what’s new:

Multi-language is free

Matterial is known to have the best multi-language handling of any knowledge management on the market. Why? Because each document can have more than one language version, but keeps the same ID. You can swiftly move between language tabs and save each language version individually, without impacting the document as a whole. This makes knowledge easier to find, maintain, and share across languages.

We’ve decided to make this a free feature as well, so anyone juggling more than one language can profit from it.

Our free plan includes 5 users and almost the complete feature set. Try it today.


More than overdue, we’ve brought 2-Factor Authentication to Matterial, so you can sleep safe and sound.

Table editor

We’ve included a first version of a table editor into Matterial. While tables in a document are still built in Markdown to be forward compatible and keep the format consistent, there’s now an easier, visual way to build and edit them.

Just click on the “insert” button in your document toolbar and select “table”.

In-house customers

A big part of this release was maintenance and making sure Matterial is fast, secure, and up-to-date. For our enterprise customers who host their own Matterial instance, it may be nice to know the systems have also received a full upgrade to Open JDK 11, Angular 7, Wildfly 16, and Elastic Search 7.

Of course, as always, we’ve made lots of small enhancements, bug fixes and improvements to keep Matterial running smoothly and getting better with each version.

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News and thoughts about Knowledge Management

Matterial Blog

News and thoughts about knowledge management

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