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4 Steps for a Better Next Quarter

how to end this one and begin the next

It’s that time. That moment you realize that the end of the quarter — which felt so far away — is almost here.

Once you get past the “Oh my goodness, how is it here already?” slap in the face, there are things to do to keep your business on target.

As a purpose-driven business, every 90 days, you:

  1. Choose 1–3 key results to achieve within the next 90 days that will bring you closer to accomplishing your annual goals.
  2. Then delineate what you will accomplish on a monthly and weekly basis to achieve those key results.
  3. Complete the rest of the Calibration™ process at the end of the 90-day cycle.

Right now, your focus should be on #3.

And while the full process is more detailed, I have 4 simple steps to get you started:

  1. Start with listening. Take a look at what’s come in through your feedback loops and review what the people you serve and your team have shared.
  2. Review everything. Your measurements, your systems, your decisions, your progress. Everything.
  3. Learn and improve. What’s working? What’s in the way? How can we address these things next quarter?
  4. Communicate. Remind your team why they’re here via your Core strategy, let them know what you learned when you assessed the last 90 days, and then share the plan for the next 90. What key results will you deliver and why? What improvements do you plan to make and why?

This is a prime time to celebrate the wins. When you review, make note of the different contributions your team members made, and recognize those individuals.

Also, make note of successes for the people you served and share their stories. It’s the best way to remind everyone why you do what you do.

Here’s to a great next quarter.

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Originally published at on March 28, 2022.



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