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Rethink How You See a Purpose-Driven Business

your purpose isn’t up; it’s forward

Have you been told your purpose is your North Star?

As far as serving as an unmovable beacon that provides clear direction, the metaphor works.

Unfortunately, it paints a mental picture that puts your purpose high above your head.

When we see purpose that way, we think about it as lofty and aspirational-which can result in overly fluffy statements that do little for our business, other than grace marketing campaigns with their presence.

I’d like to repaint this picture by suggesting that your company’s purpose actually sits in front of you.

No, not across from you like when you’re sitting at a table.

In front of you, like a train engine pulling all the other cars forward in a straight line.

As someone who reads left to right, for me that means your purpose sits on your right.

Then the rest of your business — your mission, the plan you’re executing, how you organize your team — all align behind it.

Visualizing your business as something moving forward grounds you in how being purpose-driven actually works.

Your purpose drives you. It’s why you exist. Every action you take should fulfill your purpose.

In that way, it’s also what you drive everything toward.

When you build your plan, you make sure it aligns.

When you organize your team, you make sure it aligns.

And when you tell a story, you illustrate how what you do aligns.

Keep moving forward

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Originally published at on July 18, 2022.



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