451 Research: Mattermost ‘Well-Positioned’ to Capitalize on Need for Privacy

New research explores why privacy-conscious organizations are abandoning cloud-based messaging services.

To protect intellectual property and trade secrets while ensuring compliance, today’s leading organizations are becoming increasingly privacy-conscious.

To this end, many companies are moving away from cloud-based SaaS messaging services like Slack and Microsoft Teams to private cloud alternatives like Mattermost. That way, they’re able to maintain complete control over all of their messaging data — instead of letting vendors store that important information on their own servers.

In a new report, Raul Castanon-Martinez, a senior analyst at 451 Research, explores this shift and provides a deep analysis of Mattermost’s history, value proposition and products.

“Vendor-hosted products in the collaboration space have gained a dominant mindshare but recent events are placing the spotlight on private cloud alternatives,” Castanon-Martinez writes. “Mattermost is well-positioned to benefit from this opportunity. In the two years since launching its enterprise edition, the company has built an impressive roster of clients that include well-known brands and government agencies.“

Download the full report to learn about:

  • The history of Mattermost
  • The communications problems Mattermost solves
  • The kinds of organizations that are using Mattermost
  • The differences between Mattermost’s products: Team Edition, E10 and E20
  • How Mattermost compares to popular messaging platforms
  • A SWOT analysis on Mattermost (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

Access the report here.

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