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daCunha Anthology № 1

The Making Of

Am I a lightweight Luddite? I think I might be a lightweight Luddite. It’s true that I have a robust attachment to the Internet and my phone, but it’s nothing compared to the way in which I swoon helplessly in the face of paper (Tomoe River paper, to be exact), writing instruments that require no tapping of the fingers, newsstands and, most of all, shelves lined with book after book after glorious, glorious book.

This is a photograph of El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a majestic Buenos Aires bookstore housed in a theater that was built in 1919:

Photo: Wim Wiskerke/Alamy

I visit this store often in my dreams and, if I had to guess, I’d say you’ll be doing the same tonight.

There’s no getting around the fact that we at relish our natural Internet habitat. Named after a tiny archipelago where only the most curious dare to venture, our online space is 100% stories. It can be disconcerting at first because we have no publishing dates: nothing is old, nothing is new, everything just…is. Here are some OTHER things we don’t have: feeds, comments, adverts, and recommendations. It’s just you and the art, hanging out and being awesome together.

As sweet as all that is, there are days (and nights!) when only books will do. I used to treat my books with great care but now—with the exception of a special few—I find myself underlining like crazy, dog-earing pages, bending spines to my liking, and lending them out with abandon. I’ve since found out that my daCunha cohorts are also fans of reading the old-fashioned way. It makes sense, then, that we’ve decided to explore the world of traditional publishing.

For our first analog offering — daCunha Anthology № 1 — our editorial team re-visited all of the short stories published on during our first year and, after a series of rollicking Slack debates, we pinpointed our fifteen favorites to share. Fun fact: a handful of contributors including Jeff Elkins, Paul Fitzpatrick, E.Viona, Gutbloom, Kristy Arbuckle Lommen, and benjamin weinberg are writers we first met here on Medium!

daCunha Anthology № 1 will be available next month (we’ll keep you posted!). Meanwhile, if you’re a writer of fiction or nonfiction, please submit your work any time; we’d love to read it.

Click here to submit your fiction or nonfiction to daCunha.

If accepted your work will appear online, of course, but could also become an audio story brought to life by professional actors, part of a live daCunha Experience, the subject of discussion at a Story Lover’s Club or, as you’ve just discovered, published in a traditional print anthology.

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Veronica is Fiction Editrix at Her collection of short fiction, Benedicta Takes Wing, is forthcoming from Philippine American Literary House. Learn more here.