Matthew Spira
Jun 16, 2020 · 1 min read
Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash

It is disorienting
talking to my friends
who are convinced
they have unlocked The Truth
deep on the Internet and among
the posts of fellow true believers.
But is it really that much different
from those who believe their version
of God is the one most pleasing
to His ears? I just don’t know.
I certainly don’t have any answers.
Well, I do have mine.

Having been on four continents
in some seventy-five countries,
doing both good and not great things,
it seems to me people everywhere
are just trying to get on with getting by,
just like me. Most nice, some not so friendly,
but I haven’t always knocked politely.
I know we all take sides and form teams
per the dictates of the internal logic
of our personal situations, but it shouldn’t
be a dream that the less complicated choice
to make is to just be decent to each other.
I can’t save the world, maybe not even myself,
but I can wake up every morning and choose
to see what connects, not what separates us.
That’s my form of “globalism.”

— Matthew S. Spira © 2020

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