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Matthew Spira
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The Kids Are All Right | Reflections on Youth and Aging

Explore the contrast between the vigor of past generations and the perceived shortcomings of today’s youth through a thought-provoking poem by Matthew Spira. Delve into the timeless theme of generational differences and the age-old tradition of elders lamenting the perceived decline in younger generations. Discover the essence of passing wisdom and experience from one generation to the next in this poignant piece.

“Whither are the manly vigor
and athletic appearance
of our forefathers flown?
Can these be their legitimate heirs?
Surely, no; a race of effeminate,
self-admiring, emaciated fribbles
can never have descended
in a direct line from the heroes
of Potiers and Agincourt…” — 1771

I know it’s the eternal custom
of us elders to complain about
the “feckless” youth that follows us.
I tell…



Matthew Spira
Matthew Spira

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