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Matthew Spira
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3 min readJun 9, 2024


Incessant Arguments


Whispers of Poetry: Finding Beauty Amidst Chaos

Explore how poetry offers a sanctuary from the frenzied world of politics and media. Discover the whispers of beauty in the calmness of poetic words.

We live in an age of entrenched
political loyalties, suppurating anger,
a frenzied media saturating us
with unrelenting sensationalism.
What poetry reminds us of,
sometimes with just whispers,
is the beauty that does exist
in the world and in ourselves
when we slow down enough
to see, hear, and feel it.

— Matthew S. Spira © 2019


Poetry Amidst Chaos: Finding Beauty and Reflection

Explore how poetry offers a unique perspective and solace in today’s world, dominated by deep political loyalties and pervasive media sensationalism. Discover the intrinsic beauty



Matthew Spira
Matthew Spira

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