iPhone SE Review: Part 1 — Introduction

I have been using an iPhone SE and this is the first part of my multi-part review on what is a truly remarkable device, yes that is right I swapped my 5.5" Sony for a 4" iPhone.

Before I get into the details of the phone itself I want to cover why I choose to downgrade my screen size so dramatically. It was a huge change going from the 5.5" and up android phones I have used for the last 3 years straight down to a tiny 4" phone but I have my reasons. After many hours in the local Apple store playing with the different models here is why I opted to walk away with a iPhone SE

One Handed Use

Now that I have kids it is hard to wield a 5.5" phone with one hand while carrying the baby and shopping in the other. Something I found my self needing to do several times a day — especially weekends.

The 4" screen size is perfect for one handing without been so small you don’t wnat to use it.


This is my first iPhone in over 6 years of been a loyal Android user I simply wasn’t sure if going back to iPhone was something I could stick with. With that in mind I didn’t want to spend the extra cash on the 6s or 6 if there was a good chance it would be put in a draw and never see the light of day again. I opted to get the 64GB version which costs around the same as the 16GB iPhone 6s anyway.


OK, going back a little to the 1st point the square design of the iPhone SE fits better in the hand and provides a lot more grip making me feel as though I am less likely to drop it when juggling kids and trying to text the wife.

Now I do know that I am staying on iPhone and love the operating system once again do I wish I spent the extra to get a 6s. No for a lot of reasons I will cover in future posts the iPhone SE is the perfect iPhone for anyone with young kids and toddlers.

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