December The Last Post Of 2016

Another month and another post is ready to be read. I started writing this around about mid-November ready for the December post. I’m writing this while listening to a podcast called Mac Power User. I’m planning on starting a podcast with a friend about anything and everything. It’s Thursday and I’ve had to attend a job information thing in Sittingbourne and by the sounds of it I maybe in with an interview at a hotel just around the corner from me.

Since I started writing this back in November I can added little thoughts in about the end of this month but this isn’t a thought about the end of the month it is a thought about the new Windows studio and the new MacBook pros. I’m an apple fan boy I’d choose Apple over Windows any day but the other week Windows showed of their new Windows studio and a big arse screen that could be moved to a lower angle and used and a giant piece of paper and drawn on. According to Windows the screen is so big it is equals to real life looking 1 inch on paper equals 1 inch on the screen.

It is Monday again and still haven’t finished writing this for a post date of the 7th. Near the beginning of this post I said I was in with an interview at a hotel well that day has been and gone. The problem is they could only offer zero hour contract and for me that isn’t any good doesn’t get me of the Job Seekers. I missed my first interview there because I was ill. They were able to rearrange a second one and even though I was still ill I manged to drag my self to there do a full days work experience and the interview on top it. Either way didn’t get.

I’m sitting on a course at the moment that the job centre has sent me on. I don’t see the point of it to be fair. I haven’t learnt anything. I will say though there is someone in here that won’t shut up. PLEASE SHUT UP. The more this person speaks I can feel the whole worlds IQ dropping. This course is 10 days long I’m on week 2 and I’ve only done 1 full day.

There is many downside to this course. Lets start with the most simple one it’s a course I know already. Second simple one according to people who deal with CVs all day is my CV is brilliant the only thing letting me down is my experience. The main reason I hate this course is I don’t like windows 7 or slow internet speed or the fact I’ve got to use internet explorer for anything to work. Google chrome is a pile of crap on this computer and since it is a lock account you can’t even run any updates. The final reason I don’t like the course 9:30 start.

The benefits of being able to work quickly and catch up with everyone else is you can do a weeks worth of work inside a few hours and then be ahead of everyone else and have nothing else to do for the rest of the week. According to the plan on the book I’ve got to fill it out over the two weeks. Except from the job searches that has to be done evyerday. The whole book is completed though. I’m currently sitting in a room with headphones in and I can still hear him the dumb arse.

View From 8th Floor — Looking over to Rochester

There is a plus of being on this course the view is great. I’ve got to some how put the Christmas decorations up either today or tomorrow with my energy levels at 70% it going to take a while. Thankfully when this gets posted I’ll have one day left, since I’m on duty on Friday so I’m not doing a full week either THANK FUCK.

With the new year, just around the corner I’m going to try something which could either back fire or could go brilliantly. The plan is to write 6 different blog posts next year using just my iPad and then mac to post it and add photos. Hopefully I’ve got the podcast up and running to.

The end of November ended shit, I got a chest infection that’s has turned in to laryngitis which sucks mega. Can hardly talk for some that is a god send but for me it is annoying because when it came to correcting someone that is bullshitting so much it hurts. To be honest it was worth it. She was complaining that she wanted sue greggs because she “fell over and cracked her skull and was bleeding everywhere but according to her she was in hospital for 2 hours even though she was saying she had cracked her skull. Everyone knows you’d be in hospital for a day or two just for observations because of the head injury?

Since I have three days where I have nothing to do but job search looks like I will be writing a lot on this post. It could be random thoughts or a person has annoyed me that day and with some of the people in that room it could be possible.

On the three days where I haven’t had anything to do I did some studying which in a room full of people who don’t understand any of it and you sit there and explain it to them it does get kind of boring.

Right Picture — 8th Floor looking over to Chatham [Middle Picture — 8th Floor looking down] Left Picture — 8th Floor looking over to Rochester little fog.
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