Independence Day — 23/6/16

The day is June 24th 2016 we have just had it confirmed that we are no longer a member of the European Union. June 23rd will be officially known as Great Britain Independence Day.

The out party won by a land slide. That was my thought but no the end result was so close that you could park two motorbike next to each other to feel the small gap.

The thing with this EU Referendum is it was just a vote. Nothing has happen, Nothing will happen for 2 or more years. Within a few hours of the result there were petition wanting a second referendum. There is a little story behind that. The person who create the original petition wanted a second vote because the leave party had lost. There was a backup. Instead the Leave party won only just. The second vote petition then got took over by the Remain party. Now we have marches around the country wanting to remain.

We will be in the EU as long as the article 50 isn’t put in place. Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty means any country that is part of the European Union can decide to leave. The minute that article 50 is put in place it put a two year timer on your country to sort its deals and trades with the EU and if the trades aren’t done then you need the agreement of all the EU parties to agree to an extension.

Within the first day David Cameron resigned as the Prime Minster and he said article 50 wouldn’t be put in place until there is a new prime minster.

When the first votes came in for the Remain party the British Pound increase to a new high but then the Leave party started getting more vote the Pound down quicker then anything.

With people worrying about what is going to happen but they didn’t think we will be in the EU until the article 50 is started plus two years.

If you voted out or if you voted in, you had your vote you had your voice heard. 
I don’t understand some of the people who voted in calling people who voted out as racist. It doesn’t make you a racist if you want your country back from people who think they can come in and not work and get a house within minutes of walking in to the country. It doesn’t make you racist if you want control of your borders.

My thoughts have always been. If you want to come in to this country and live here you’ve got to have a job ready for you. Canada, Australia and New Zealand all have a point system why can’t we. Thankfully now we have “Left” the EU we can hopefully have control of our borders.

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