5 Loud and Proud Queer Music Videos

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Music is a large part of any culture and one of the things we universally draw strength from. The LGBTQ+ community, too, use and celebrate music: it’s a universal language and can play a part in starting conversations about sexuality.

A few decades back, it was unusual to hear LGBTQ+ music being played on the radio. Coming out was considered a career death move, and many LGBTQ+ artists didn’t have alternative platforms to get their music to the masses. It is now 2021 and we can hear musicians from all genres openly bring representation and breaking down the barriers thrown up by traditional industry logic. There is now a larger queer market particularly because the artists can now go directly to their fans. It is a blessing for queer music fans who have been craving music they can relate to.

With the general increase in LGBTQ+ acceptance from the public, queer artists have gotten braver terms of content. LGBTQ+ artists are now open to write music with depth and tell stories about queer love in creative and fun ways. LGBTQ+ music has even made it possible for a major shift on public opinion when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights. Here are some of the best loud and proud music from LGBTQ+ artists we have seen so far.

  • Call Me by My Name (Montero) by Lil Nas X

The rapper came out in 2019 through Twitter and since then he has been changing the game and breaking the restrictive ideals of power music. Earlier this year, he dropped one of the most unforgettable and unapologetic queer videos we have ever seen. Lil Nas X said the video was not only him embracing his sexuality but also calling out the overly oppressive culture towards the LGBTQ+ community in Christian spaces.

In the video, he is seductively dressed and provocatively makes his way into hell by going down a stripper pole. He gives a lap dance to Satan before killing him and taking his horns. Obviously, the video received heavy criticism, but at the end the message still resonates. Lil Nas X has openly spoken about being raised as a Christian and the struggle that created when it came to balancing his religion and his sexuality. The video is thought-provoking and truly a conversation-starter on how religion intersects with sexuality. It is also a good bop that just makes you feel good.

  • Slumber Party by Ashnikko ft. Princess Nokia

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard this song. The “Slumber Party” video just dropped a month ago and we definitely approve of the delicate sexy vibes. Ashnikko publicly announced that she is gender-fluid in May this year. The song is about a crush she has on a girl who unfortunately happens to be in a relationship. It has an innocent vibe until you actually listen to the lyrics — which are direct and to the point.

• I Like Boys by Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall is a popular LGBTQ+ artist and “I Like Boys” is probably one of the most gay songs ever. It starts with him coming out to his mother, but then things take an unexpected sexy turn that had us blushing shyly. The desert scene where he is surrounded by dozens of muscle-bound, nearly naked dancers is epic. Everything from the lyrics, the dancers and the set of the video scream “I am gay and I love it!” It’s stunningly and beautifully done in a way that makes anyone feel proud of their sexuality.

  • Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels by Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall is fierce and he certainly knows a thing or two about dropping a gay anthem. He certainly didn’t come to play when he released this video. He worked it like the pro he is and we live for every second of it. It honestly doesn’t matter what your sexuality is, this song will have you on your feet and leave you feeling fabulous. It is also a great workout song.

  • Naked by Sienna Liggins

The slow-beat song has sultry, intimate vibes that are relatable when we are fantasizing about a crush. The video is colorful and sexy. It makes you feel beautiful and wanted — especially since the lyrics don’t hold anything back. Sienna has always been open about the fact that she wants to make music for girls who like girls, and she really pulled it off in this flirtatious and catchy song.

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