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By Christine Siamanta Kinori


It’s safe to say Heartstopper took the internet by storm last year. The romantic comedy-drama was based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman and has since developed a cult following. The series tells the story of Charlie, who has a big crush on a fellow student in his school, Nick. As the series progresses, the two fall in love and have to deal with most things young teenagers in school go through as they navigate and discover their sexuality. If you have not watched the series yet, you better get to it as season 2 drops on the 3rd of August.

Here are 5 things we hope to see in season 2.

Nick and Charlie Enter Their Boyfriend Era

Season 1 ended with Nick ready to come out of the closet. Earlier, he was unsure what his feelings for Charlie meant, but he works through this and learns he is bisexual. Charlie was always supportive and patient with Nick’s journey of self-discovery and was super excited when Nick was ready. By the end of the show, Nick felt comfortable enough to come out to his mom. It was a beautiful scene of acceptance and love. The best part was Nick finally making it official that Charlie was his boyfriend.

In season 2, we hope to see more cute dates as they continue to explore their relationship. Obviously, they will face a few hurdles but it will be interesting to see how they handle that as a couple. In the teaser, they said we can expect a more mature Charlie and we are certainly looking forward to that.

Whatever happens, we just hope that there will be no breakups, season 1 gave us enough angst!

The future of Tao and Elle

Tao and Elle have been best friends for a long time. Tao has always been supportive of Elle even after her transition and ultimately her transfer to Harvey Greene Grammar School for Girls. Tao has been part of her support system to help her handle the bullies and the naysayer.

In season 1, it was revealed that Elle has a crush on Tao and thinks of him as more than just a friend. However, she is scared of telling him about her feelings because she worries it might change their friendship. Admittedly, it is a valid concern but it seems like Tao feels the same way too but might be scared as well.

It would be fun to see if they muster the courage to reveal their feelings for each other in season 2 and what the writers might have in store for them individually and as friends or a couple. In the teaser for season 2, Yasmin Finney, who portrays the role of Elle, said the character is in a good place surrounded by the people she loves. I guess we will have to tune in to find out!

More Tara and Darcy

We love these two and can’t possibly get enough of these “meddling lesbians” as they once referred to themselves. In season 1, we witnessed their journey and how they each handled coming out. Tara was at first overwhelmed but thanks to Darcy’s support it got better. These two also played a big role in helping Nick navigate his sexuality and feelings for Charlie. Will they continue to play cupids for Tao and Elle in season 2 ?

Hopefully, in season 2, we will see more of their relationship and it would be great to see what is going on with them away from school.

Less Bullying /Homophobia and Transphobia

One of the things that most of the main characters had to deal with in season one is the relentless bullying from fellow students due to their sexuality. At one point, it got so bad that Charlie was hiding in Mr. Ajayi’s classroom during lunch. It got worse when Tao and Nick decided to stand up for themselves and fight back.

It is not lost on us that this is the reality for most queer students in school. It is an agonizing experience but what made it worse was that the school did nothing to protect the queer students. In season 2, it would be nice to see the school administration pass a no-tolerance for bullying and the endless bullying that most queer students continue to go through in this show.

Imogen’s self-love journey

In season 1, Imogen was hung up on Nick but unfortunately for her, Nick was in love with Charlie. Based on the teaser for season 2, it is safe to assume we will be getting a stronger Imogen who is focusing on herself. Rhea Norwood who plays the role of Imogen revealed that Imogen will be putting herself above boys. We love a good self-love journey and we can’t wait to see Imogen in her, “I love myself era.”

August 3rd can’t get here soon enough. We are all dying to enjoy the new season of this heartwarming teen romance. We reckon this is what great TV is about!

About the Author:

Christine Siamanta Kinori grew up in a little village in Kenya known as Loitoktok near the border of Kenya and Tanzania. All she wanted to do when she grew up was to explore the world. Her curiosity led her to join Nairobi University to pursue a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. She later got a job with an amazing travel magazine Nomad Africa which gave her the opportunity to explore Africa. She also writes for numerous travel websites about Africa and tries to create a new narrative in the media about our aesthetic continent.

Christine claims to have somewhat unhealthy addiction to TV and reading, as it is a fun way to keep herself occupied during the long journeys for her travel writing. She is also a believer of letting people be their beautiful selves. To her, love is love and it is the greatest gift we have as humans.



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