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8 Activities to Do with Your Partner While Under Social Isolation
Mar 20 · 4 min read

by Chaya Milchtein

Are you stuck at home with your forever person? Sounds like a lot more then then it is the longer this isolation period lasts. Once the house is spotless and you are tired of binge watching Netflix, try one of these 8 ways to stay entertained.

Give each other pedicures

Pedicures make most folks really happy. What a great way to connect, shared with me by my friend Murphy. It doesn’t take much more than a pumice stone, a bucket of hot water, a file and some clippers to make an impact. Don’t forget to grab some lotion and give a nice foot and calf massage when you are finished.

Detail your Car

Many of us don’t prioritize cleaning our cars. Dirt and grime might not be immediately evident but sit on the surfaces. Detailing your car with your partner can be both fun and necessary to sanitize the vehicle. Turn up the music, grab some cleaners and your hose and go to town while enjoying the fresh air. Don’t forget to clean all the controls you touch on a regular basis like temperature, mirror adjustment, seat levers, radio controls etc

Cook up a new to you dish

Cooking is both enjoyable and necessary. Pick a dish that you’ve never cooked before and maybe you’ll find a new favorite. One person chops while the other mixes, you can even clean up afterward together before lighting a few candles and having a dinner date. If you are feeling like you want an extra challenge, try making a finger food starter and a fancier dessert to go along with your dinner.

Write each other detailed love letters

We don’t always know how to say everything we are feeling right to our partner’s face. When times get hard and we are trapped for days on end, sometimes arguments can start. It can be hard to remember the love that you have shared with each other. Going to opposite corners of the house, spend 15–20 minutes writing a detailed love letter to your partner. Then make a nice cup of hot chocolate, with marshmallows of course, and read the letter to each other. That warm fuzzy feeling? It’s not just the hot chocolate.

Board games of course!

Those board games you bought that are sitting deep in the back of the closet. You know, the ones you pull out for the occasional game night but mostly are unused and collecting dust? What a fabulous time to pull them out and have a game night, just the two of you. A spirited round of Candyland and maybe a few rounds of Connect Four is a great way to bring the spirits up.

Make a bucket list

Let’s think about a time we aren’t all sitting trapped at home and dream big! What do you and your partner want to do in the next few years? Where do you want to travel? Restaurants to eat at? Classes to take together? The possibility are endless.

Ask each other get to know you questions

This might seem silly, but do it anyway. Find get to know you lists online and ask each other questions. Some are light and fun, others deep and personal. You’ll learn some new tidbits about your partner that you might have not otherwise found.

Learn to make fancy cocktails

Do you have a favorite liquor or fancy cocktail or mocktail you like to order? Find a YouTube tutorial and go to work creating it. Try out different variations, put salt on the rim of your glass or even sugar. You can learn how to make the expensive drinks at home and have fun doing it!

About the Author:

Chaya Milchtein is the driving force behind Mechanic Shop Femme. As an automotive educator, speaker and writer, she’s made it her life’s mission to educate women and LGBT people about their cars. Her website also highlights her work on her other passion: empowering women to live their best lives in the bodies they have, through fashion and modeling. Chaya’s work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Go Magazine, and others. She lives with her fiancée and tortoise in Wisconsin. Follow her on twitter @mechanicfemme.

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