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All the Queer Projects to Look Forward to After Pride Month

By Christine Siamanta Kinori

Image Credit: Netflix

Pride might be over, but queer content is being written, produced, and streamed every month of the year. So fear not– here are a few of the buzziest queer projects to dive into this month.

Paper Girls

This show, adapted from the critically acclaimed 2015 graphic novel series, follows the stories of four time-traveling teenage girls. The friends explore their sexuality and queerness as they find themselves in the crossfire between two warring factions of time-travelers on Halloween morning in 1988. They must find a way to get back home but the journey to safety leads them to the grown-up versions of themselves. Catch the show on Amazon’s Prime Video on July 29.

Anything’s Possible

This is a movie about Tesla, a courageous high school girl who is trans. We get to see her experience high school and how she navigates her first love, who happens to be her classmate Khai. This is a modern, Gen-Z coming-of-age story and it will be directed by the multi-talented Billy Porter. It will be his exciting directorial debut. The movie will be out on Amazon’s Prime Video starting July 22.


Neil Patrick Harrison is back on our screen, and we are ready for another legendary performance. In this show, he plays Michael, a gay man in his mid-forties who finds himself single after his husband of 17 years leaves. He gets back to the dating scene which is a whole new ball game to him. If you want to see what late-life dating for a gay in New York looks like, then this is the show to watch. The show premiers on July 29 on Netflix.

Vice Versa

This is a Thailand boy-love series that follows the story of Talay who wakes up in the body of Tess (in a different universe) and follows him as he tries to get back to his body. During this time, he meets another man named Tess who is a famous actor trapped in someone else’s body as well. As they work together to find their “port keys,” feelings for each other blossoms. Will they be able to get back and what will happen to their relationship if they do? The series premieres on July 2, when you can watch it on YouTube or GMM 25.

Other’s Love / Stranger’s love

If you are a K-drama fan, then get ready for the first Korean gay reality show. The show will be centered around gay men who will move into each other’s homes in search of love. According to the producers, the show will also showcase social issues that will give viewers food for thought. It’s set to hit streaming service Wave soon.

The Only

For documentary lovers, this one is definitely worth watching. The Only is a documentary that features the life story of the U.S. Women’s Hall of Fame soccer goalkeeper Briana Scurry. It goes into the details of her life after coming out as gay and being the first and only openly gay player. It is an inspirational story on how she overcame different challenges such as racism, homophobia and being suicidal after a career-ending concussion. You can find it on Paramount+ on July 12.



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