An Open Letter to Mike Pence

by Brian Moniz

Dear Vice President Pence,

As a gay man in America who keeps up with politics and watches the news every day, I have seen you on television for the last week complaining about how the LGBT community has been mistreating your wife, Karen, for choosing to teach at a school that refuses to hire gay people and discriminates against gay students. She has received much backlash from our community, and you have called that “deeply offensive” and both you and your wife can’t seem to take the heat. Please let me address this and explain something to you that you and your wife don’t seem to understand: you don’t get to spend your entire life persecuting one group of people, and then say you’re offended when they speak out against you for being the homophobic bigots that you’ve always been.

From the beginning of time, gay people all over the world have been discriminated against, harassed, murdered, abused and often that discrimination has been (and still is) delivered by Christians who claim we are an abomination and quote Bible verses to justify their own personal hate. It is silly for you to expect us to believe that if the Bible didn’t exist you would have no problem with homosexuality and would accept it as normal, which it is. There is an entire list of things written in the bible that are plainly considered to be off limits, such as eating shellfish, wearing clothing of two different fabrics, eating pork, getting tattoos, cheating on your spouse, watching pornography, having pre-marital sex, masturbating, wearing jewelry, letting women speak publicly in churches, working on Saturdays, getting haircuts, trimming beards/shaving, and my favorite, getting divorced. It seems that only the part about homosexuality is what you and so many others in the Christian community want to enforce. Why is that? You have no problem with the man you serve as President cheating on every wife he’s ever had, committing adultery with porn stars, lying to Americans literally dozens of times a day, living in a gold apartment in the sky with pork often on his plate, his wife being covered head to toe in jewelry, and being married three times. And it’s not just Donald Trump, in overwhelming numbers Christians don’t follow the Bible, they get divorced, have pre-marital sex, masturbate, watch pornography, work on Saturdays, you name it, they do it. So again, why do you single out one rule while ignoring your God’s many others?

Regardless of the Bible, the Constitution says that any President and Vice President who are elected have a civic duty to protect ALL Americans regardless of race, color, gender, age or orientation, and that all men (people) are created equal. You are one of two people in this country whose job it is to enforce the protection of our guaranteed rights as Americans that the founding fathers granted us before your existence. That also includes the freedom from religion. The founding fathers came to America to get away from religion, and there are quotes and documentations from all the founding fathers that clearly say we are not a Christian nation. Just because we have more Christians here than any other group does not mean your beliefs get to rule over all of us.

Why am I bringing this up? I want to remind you about something truly horrible that you did when you were governor of Indiana.

When the supreme court announced that same-sex marriage is legal, you wasted no time writing bills that made it a crime in your state of Indiana. By manipulating the wording on marriage applications in anticipation of confusing and tricking people, you set up many gay and lesbian Americans for punishment and jail time. If a gay man applied for a marriage license, you had them fill out a form that asked them who they are marrying with only “Female” as an option; you knew they would cross off “Female” and write “Male”, and by doing so, you could claim that they lied/committed fraud on their marriage license and therefore could be arrested, fined, or even jailed for 18 months. When gays tried to file their licenses online, you asked them to fill out a section that said, “I am a Male/Female applying to marry a Male/Female”. By choosing “I am a male” the option of “marrying a male” disappeared, leaving only the option of “marrying a female”, and vice versa for female applicants trying to marry another female; the “Female” option would disappear leaving only the “Male” option. Since they cannot cross off “Male/Female” and write the other, they would have to choose the only option they had available, thus setting them up as easy targets for claims of “marriage license fraud.” You made “lying on a marriage license” a Class-6 felony. Think about that for a minute…simply marrying the person you love under your watch, Mr. Pence, is considered a felony. Other Class-6 felonies in your state include owning an illegal weapon or bomb, theft, auto theft, possession or selling of methamphetamine, breaking and entering a residential address, sexual battery, failure to register as a sex offender, strangulation, counterfeiting, and of course…same-sex marriage…even though the supreme court said it is legal. You went over the supreme courts head and ignored their judgement to favor your own personal religious beliefs, which is not only immoral but also anti-American. The punishment for committing a Class-6 felony in Indiana is a fine anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 and a minimum of 1–5 years in prison…just to marry the person you loved. You even went a step further and said any clerk in Indiana who enabled or helped LGBT people apply for marriage was committing a misdemeanor.

You also believe in conversion therapy for homosexuals, which is not only dangerous and deadly, but will never work because you cannot change something that is natural and normal. While there are many different and dangerous ways to conduct conversion therapy, the most common is “electro-shock therapy” where the gay man or woman is asked to bring the one conducting the therapy pornographic pictures that turn them on the most. The “therapist” then straps electronic nodes to the man or woman’s private parts and projects the images on a screen in front of that individual. Any time the man or woman becomes aroused by the pictures on the screen, they will receive a powerful and painful shock to their testicles or vagina. The entire practice is aimed to condition the gay individual to become disgusted and repulsed by same-sex photos and the idea of being with the same gender, therefore turning them “straight”. It is man-made attempt at re-wiring a natural pre-disposition, and you, Mr. Vice President, fully endorse it.

How can you expect anyone in the country to take your whines of feeling “deeply offended” by mean words on the internet seriously when you, yourself, have been a disgusting human being all your life discriminating against people that you personally don’t like? Please stop using your Bible as an excuse to be a bigot and just say the truth, “I find gay people sickening.” If you and your wife want respect for your beliefs, then you must start respecting others, first. You are the Vice President, the second most powerful man in the world, everyone is watching you to set the example, and when you hate and discriminate people then others who follow you will think it’s okay. America is our home just as much as it is yours, and when you allow your wife to teach at a school that hates one group of people, how are the millions of your citizens who are gay supposed to feel about that? It certainly doesn’t make us feel included or wanted. A pain you, as a white, heterosexual, rich, male, Christian will never understand. Gays are sick of being persecuted, then when we fight back and defend ourselves, you say that you are the real ones being persecuted.

Let me close this by saying that you represent the Republican Party of America, which the vast majority of is Christian. The LGBT community largely represents the Democratic Party of America. Your side often refers to our side as sensitive little snowflakes who can’t take the smallest ounce of heat, yet, for centuries our community has been hated and abused and we are still standing strong. You try to knock us down and we get right back up and show the rest of the world what we are made of. Through the strength we show, more and more each day citizens of this country and the world are accepting and respecting the gay community. You, on the other hand, dish out venom daily with no penalties or punishment, and when you feel the high crime of being called a name, rush to the media to cry like a baby about how poorly you are treated.

So let me thank you, Mr. Vice President, for not only continuing to show the world how strong we are, but also for showing everyone who the real snowflakes are. If you dish out hate the way you do, you better be prepared to take the backlash. You sir are nothing more than a thin-skinned, oversensitive drama-queen who needs to realize that you, like many other religious bigots, are last in line at the complaint department. You do not get to poke the beehive over and over then cry when you get stung. If you and your wife want an apology from the LGBT community, then we will give you one after you publicly apologize for everything you have done your entire life to discriminate and abuse us.

In other words, as your own supporters have said about minorities for the last two years, “F*** your feelings,” Mr. Vice President.

Brian Moniz, and every other LGBT citizen you have worked tirelessly to strip rights away from.

P.S. Throughout history, it has always been to most anti-LGBT voices who are secretly gay themselves and hate on us because you hate yourself. Maybe you have something you want to tell the rest of the world? We already know, you should let them know, too.

About the Author:

Brian Moniz is a 30-year-old man from San Jose, Calif. He studied filmmaking and writing at San Jose State University from 2010–2013 and got his bachelor’s degree in Radio-TV-Film. Throughout his high school and college years, he worked as a music and movie journalist and critic. Having only recently come out of the closet himself in 2014, Brian enjoys writing about LGBTQ issues. His only regret when it comes to his sexuality is that he didn’t come out sooner.