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#DrewsViews: Activism While Quarantined

by Andrew Adams

The outbreak of COVID-19, or the CoronaVirus, has the whole world scrambling to defend their most vulnerable. In the process, most people in more impacted countries, like Korea, Italy, and the United States are stuck inside of their homes. This process, called quarantine, is to protect both the people staying at home from getting sick and from getting other people sick if they are unknown carriers. While crucial to fighting the disease, quarantine has a lot of us feeling lonely, isolated, or simply bored. If you are used to doing a lot of community or activism type work, the mandatory break may make you feel stuck, unable to continue fighting for what you believe in. There are plenty of ways, however, to keep your moral high and your activism, well, active, while in quarantine. Here are my top 5 ways of being an activist while quarantined.

Writing blog posts

Writing and sharing your stories, tips, and updates about causes that you care about is crucial for a movement to stay alive while so many other major things are going on in the world. The pandemic is all people are talking about, so making sure to remind people of the other things that are going on right now is important.

Social media activism

People sometimes write off social media activism as “not real” or “fake,” but in a society that relies heavily on social media, it can be an important tool in a lot of movements. Use social media to spread information about causes you care about, fundraise for nonprofits, or simply to start conversations.

Creative activism

Create a piece of art, brainstorm ideas for your next political photography project, write a song or poem about the causes you care about. You can do all sorts of creative acts from home or online with household items and computer programs and websites for artistic expression and exploration. Try something new!

Financial support

The quarantine has also messed with the economy, and a lot of people are in need of emergency funds. Also, nonprofits are collecting donations of funds and supplies to those in need. If you are fortunate enough to have some extra cash laying around, consider donating to people or causes that need the money more. If you don’t have a lot of extra, but are considering buying food at some point during the pandemic, consider a local chinese restaurant. Asian establishments specifically have taken a major hit from the virus, since that is where the disease is thought to have originated. Help the local asian restaurant fight racism and get a tasty meal in one go.

Educate yourself

This break is the perfect opportunity to catch up on Netflix shows, but try adding a Crash Course video about philosophy, or a Khan Academy about history, or a Last Week Tonight video about racism, or even just a nature documentary. Streaming and video platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO have tons of educational content on all sorts of political, social, and activism topics. Take a look for yourself and learn something new!

This virus is no joke, so I hope all of you stay safe. If you are under a quarantine, I hope my tips helped you! Have a wonderful day and wash your hands!

About the Author:

Andrew Adams is a transgender college freshman at the University of Central Florida who is committed to LGBTQ advocacy at the local and national levels. Nationally, Andrew serves as a youth ambassador and advocacy volunteer for The Trevor Project, a youth social media ambassador for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and a Volunteer and Intern Coordinator for Point of Pride. On the legislative side, Andrew lobbies for the Equality Act by visiting with his Congressional representatives and their staff.

Additionally, Andrew has spent years fighting to change his school district’s bathroom policy to be trans-inclusive, and the fight is still ongoing. Andrew is an International Baccalaureate student and a volunteer at the Mayo Clinic, and he hopes to go to medical school and become an adolescent psychiatrist specializing in transgender health. For fun, he practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, creates sculpture art and plays the piano.



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