#DrewsViews: New Year’s Resolutions

by Drew Adams

We are almost a whole month into 2019 and most people have already failed their new year’s resolutions, if they made any at all. I’ve been thinking a lot about the promise I made myself at the end of December and how I have been implementing it into my life. My new year’s resolution was simple: I want to be kinder to myself, the people around me, and the environment in which I live. Here are some of the ways I have been able to stick to that.

1. I have learned how to step back from conversations I don’t feel up to being in

  • Sometimes I will partake in conversations with people, usually online, that are either very mentally taxing, like debates or arguments, or make me anxious or uncomfortable. Typically, I would feel obligated to continue the conversation even if I didn’t feel okay with it. Now, I’m really trying to monitor my emotions when I’m having conversations of these types and if they become too much for me, I’m accepting that. I learned to say “I’m not feeling mentally able to continue this conversation, can we pick it up another time?” or something to that effect, when I need to, and I’m so glad I did.

2. I have stopped worrying about the number on the scale

  • All of the most common new year’s resolutions involve weight loss and diets and all of that. In the past, I’ve been worried about losing weight and getting slimmer and I don’t think my relationship with myself and food was very healthy during that time. So, I’m really trying to accept myself, to eat good quality food when I’m hungry, to generally take care of myself, and to not even check the scale. I honestly think this has helped my stress levels and my relationship with my body and my mind.

3. I have made more frequent and more sincere attempts to engage with people

  • A lot of times if I get busy or stressed one of the first things I will forget to do is respond to messages. I am trying to respond to everyone I can now, and I am trying to engage in meaningful conversations with people. I’m also reaching out to people I want to talk to and trying to spread more positivity with my words.

I’m excited to see where my new year’s resolution takes me. I hope everyone is having a great start to their year!

About the Author:

Drew Adams is a transgender high school senior from Ponte Vedra, FL, who is committed to LGBTQ advocacy at the local and national levels. He serves as his high school GSA’s president and raises money for Northeast Florida’s LGBTQ youth outreach, JASMYN, to which he also donates food, toiletries and school supplies. Nationally, Drew serves as a youth ambassador and advocacy volunteer for The Trevor Project, a youth social media ambassador for the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and a Volunteer and Intern Coordinator for Point of Pride. On the legislative side, Drew lobbies for the Equality Act by visiting with his Congressional representatives and their staff.

Additionally, Drew has spent years fighting to change his school district’s bathroom policy to be trans-inclusive, and the fight is still ongoing. Drew is an International Baccalaureate student and a volunteer at the Mayo Clinic, and he hopes to go to medical school and become an adolescent psychiatrist specializing in transgender health. For fun, he practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, creates sculpture art and plays the piano.