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Mastercard True Name

by Emil Tinkler

If you are like me, you might not have heard of Mastercard True Name. From what I could find out, it came out within the last year or so and will do so much to help the trans/nonbinary community. Mastercard has released a new feature which called “True Name” which allows people to use their true names instead of their legal names on their debt and credit cards. This is a huge step forward for queer people as this small feature can help save lives.

Many might not think about how something as simple as the name written on your bank cards could be a life-threatening issue for trans people. Getting a name change is an expensive and hard process that takes a lot of time and sometimes itself can cause a trans person to be harassed. Getting your driver’s license changed to your true name is also another process which also opens us up to harassment — and you can see just from this how hard it is to manage a legal name change and then changing all of the according documents afterwards.

But for us, on top of that we must deal with, the fact that whatever employee who has to help us through these varying processes at various places will know that we are trans. We must out ourselves through every step. Open ourselves up to strangers who may react negatively or even violently to us for just existing. So, it’s no wonder that many trans people — myself included — do not have a legal name change. Which means many of our documents, IDs, and you guessed it — bank and credit cards — have information which do not match who we are.

With this new feature Mastercard allows us to be ourselves and be able to safely make transactions without the potential of being harassed, outed or worse. I hope that going forward, more card companies and banks will make this decision to allow us to put our true names on our cards. Not only does it help to build a more trans-inclusive society, but it also helps us build a more trans-safe society. This is just one step in the right direction that needs to be followed by many more.

If you would like to investigate the Mastercard True Name feature yourself, below, check out what their website says. Below is also their commercial advertising the addition of this feature. However, I do also recommend looking further into Mastercard before deciding to bank with them as Rainbow capitalism is a killer and many so-called LGBT-friendly companies fund anti-LGBT bills and laws behind our backs or allow homophobia within their work environment. I tried to do some looking into MasterCard’s history with the LGBT community, but I could not find much due to the new release of the True Name feature.

About the Author:

Emil Tinkler is a 21 year old college student living in Central Florida. They are a gay agender person. Emil is a psychology major and a humanities minor. They want to be a therapist one day and help trans kids access medical care, and they love Harry Potter, Bad Suns, and LGBTQ activism. Emil was Vice President of the LGBTQ group on their campus for a year, and will continue to keep activism close to their heart in everything they do.




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