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Four Drag Performers I Bet You Haven’t Heard Of

by James Tinkler

Drag is an artform that many of us within the LGBTQ+ community are familiar with. Drag queens light up our nightclubs and bring the party to any event and if you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, you probably have more than a few favorite drag queens who you know by name. But the world of drag is so much more than just what we see on TV especially since RuPaul is reluctant to include trans queens, AFAB (a female at birth) queens, drag kings, and nonbinary drag artists. So today I am going to introduce you to some drag performers who are changing the world of drag one day at a time and who deserve some extra recognition.

Crème Fatale

Crème Fatale is a drag queen from Los Angeles is subverting the expectations of drag with her work as a notable bio queen. Bio queen is a term for Drag queens who were born female. Her drag is adorable, and she even refers to herself as a professional cupcake on her Instagram. Her detailed makeup looks, cute style, and work as one of LA’s AFAB makes her more than deserving of some extra love. You can find Crème on Instagram @cremefatale and on Twitter @creme_fatale

Axel Andrews

Axel Andrews drag performer hails from Orlando and focuses on more Androgynous/Masculine drag. His drag mother you may have heard of as we all know Roxxy Andrews from season 5 and All stars 2 of RPDR. Axel does a lot of costumes along with his drag having done Waluigi, the Grinch, a werewolf, and Jolteon along with many more. His drag is nothing but unique which is why he is one of my favorite local performers. You can find Axel on Instagram @axelandrews88.

Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis is a nonbinary drag performer from Brooklyn whose style is as unique as they are. They often do detailed costume makeup, but you can also still catch them with a glamorous face as well. This performer doesn’t let the binary control how they do their drag and you can check them out for yourself on Instagram @heyvigormortis

Zayn Phallic

Zayn Phallic is a drag king from London who has done a lot of work in his community. He started Kings of Colour (KOC) which hosts workshops to aspiring up and coming drag kings of color develop and work and their skills. His drag style is masculine as he often sports a six pack in most of his shows. If you want to see more, you can find him on Instagram @zaynphallic

Drag has and always will be more than just cis-men who dress up as women. Drag is an art form that is available to all people and as we can see the above performers are slaying the game in their respective categories. Visit their socials for the full experience of each performer and maybe they will inspire you to look into more drag performers off the mainstream circuit.

About the Author:

James Tinkler is a 21 year old college student living in Central Florida. James is a gay trans masc person, but doesn’t use pronouns at the moment. James is a psychology major and a humanities minor. James wants to be a therapist one day and help trans kids access medical care, and loves Harry Potter, Bad Suns, and LGBTQ activism. James was Vice President of the LGBTQ group on James’ campus for a year, and will continue to keep activism close to James’ heart in everything James does.



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