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By Megan Mottola | Oct 29 2015 10:37AM

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell People Who Stare At Me When I Hold my Girlfriend’s Hand In Public

1. We are not harming you or anyone else. We simply came out to have a good time. Staring is an invasion of privacy. Your stare is extremely obvious, but love is louder than your judgments will ever be.

2. You are sending an unfriendly message about yourself. You automatically come across as judgmental, and that’s unfortunate because judging is more detrimental for our society than me holding another girl’s hand.

3. You wouldn’t gawk at a straight couple as much. We are no different. Straight couples are humans. Gay couples are humans. End of story.

4. We are happy — so incredibly happy. You staring isn’t going to change our level of happiness with each other. It will make us want to grab each other’s hand harder and pull each other closer because there is safety in loving another human. That’s what happens when you are in love. We deserve to feel like we can be ourselves.

5. No, we will not stop holding hands just because society says we can’t or gets uncomfortable. If you truly understood the true meaning of love, you would know that love doesn’t know gender. Gracious smiles instead of glares would be exchanged. Because I have the capacity to love and be loved is enough of a reason to stop staring.

Love and light,

About the Author:

Meg Mottola, 26, is an east coaster but a traveler at heart. After taking time off and traveling a bit, she is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. Beyond that she plans on getting her Master’s in Sports Psychology. She’s also in recovery from a 7+ year battle with Anorexia and Compulsive Exercise. Aside from writing for the foundation, Meg enjoys hiking with her twin, yoga, jamming on the guitar, and photography. She believes the key to life is to surround yourself with positivity. You can follow her Instragram, @meggmott, where she posts pictures of adventures with her girlfriend, her love for nature, and much more!