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How Andrew Tate is Radicalizing Boys to be Anti-LGBTQ Online

By Christine Siamanta Kinori

Andrew Tate is a controversial online figure that has been making headlines over the past two years. He is mostly known for his demeaning and polarizing content on women and the LGBTQ+ community. His toxic and callous content has amassed millions of young impressionable followers who have subscribed and leaned into his homophobic and anti-women views. His recent arrest has once again brought into the limelight his past homophobic remarks.

Ever since shooting into the media limelight back in 2016, when he was a guest on the British reality show “Big Brother,” he has been making homophobic remarks. His time on the show was tainted after a series of homophobic tweets and remarks were discovered.

At the time, Channel 5 announced a public statement, saying that they don’t condone any kind of racist or homophobic behavior in the Big Brother House. In their statement, they also added that they will be dealing with him appropriately, in accordance with their long-standing protocols. He was soon kicked off of the show.

Unfortunately, that was not the last of him. He went on to open accounts on social media and continued to propagate his toxic masculinity agenda and far-right views. According to Rolling Stone, Tate has a following of over 740,000 followers on YouTube and 3.7 million followers on Twitter before he was banned and later unbanned. He also had 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

He also launched a podcast where he continuously made demeaning remarks about women , the LGBTQ+ community, and black people. You might think he is doing it for the shock value but no, he really is what he preaches. There was a video of him beating up a woman back in 2016 and he claimed that it was consensual. He was also recently arrested after claims of rape and human trafficking were made against him.

The most concerning part about all these things is the fact that his legion of followers are mostly young men. These young men tune in to his podcast, read and retweet his tweets and in a way idolise him. They think of him as some sort of life guru who has answers on how to be a “man,” demand respect, and get rich. They couldn’t have picked a worse public mentor even if they tried.

The more they listen to Tate, the more they think his views are right. They start spreading his homophobic and racist messages. Their views on life begin to be shaped by what he says and does. They begin seeing minority groups as the problem and assume they have the right to attack them whether online or offline.

The culture that Tate endorses is not only toxic but harmful and we should all be concerned. Some of these young men who have tuned in to listen to Tate have ended up radicalized ​​to become anti-LGBTQ. Just in October, Tate tried to come for Lil Nas X during his interview with Piers Morgan.

In the interview, Tate said that he is not the worst influence on young men but Lil Nas X is. Obviously, the multi-talented, Grammy-winning rapper didn’t take this lying down. He tweeted a response, “andrew tate please stop mentioning me! I am never gonna let u smash loser!”

For Tate to go on national televison and call out a gay rapper, claiming he is a problem to society, is wrong. Tate is really good at deflecting the issue and blaming others and finding excuses for his homophobic and racist remarks.

This is dangerous given how toxic it has been off late for minority groups, particularly the LGBQ+ community. There have been increased cases of homophobia on Twitter since CEO Elon Musk took over. Musk unbanned Tate from the platform and he is now free to continue his antagonising remarks on the community. This culture is then emulated by his followers and the trolling gets dire.

Even after his arrest, his followers continue to spew hate online, defending Tate and mocking minority groups. The wave of misogyny and homophobia continues to reign. Hopefully, his arrest will awaken some of these young men to realize that Tate is nothing more than a misguided man. He is not some alpha male and they should be cancelling him.

About the Author:

Christine Siamanta Kinori grew up in a little village in Kenya known as Loitoktok near the border of Kenya and Tanzania. All she wanted to do when she grew up was to explore the world. Her curiosity led her to join Nairobi University to pursue a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. She later got a job with an amazing travel magazine Nomad Africa which gave her the opportunity to explore Africa. She also writes for numerous travel websites about Africa and tries to create a new narrative in the media about our aesthetic continent.

Christine claims to have somewhat unhealthy addiction to TV and reading, as it is a fun way to keep herself occupied during the long journeys for her travel writing. She is also a believer of letting people be their beautiful selves. To her, love is love and it is the greatest gift we have as humans.



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