Iron Will

by Leonardo Ronaz

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of negative things on the media. Things going on in the world. Mostly things about the president, Donald Trump, but other things as well. It would seem that the foundation of who we are as a race, and as a people, well… it seems to be eroding away.

When you look at the world, exactly what is it that you see? Collaborative nations working together to further enhance the experience that is humanity, or do you look at a globe and see fiery lines that stretch pole to pole, dividing us, ruled by single entities or dictators? Or maybe you don’t see the world as black and white as I do, and you see some kind of hybrid…something in between. Well whatever you see, is it good?

When I look at the world, I see a bounty. A bounty of hidden and retro potential, suffice to say a bounty that needs to be exhumed. Prejudices need to be effaced from the the minds of the people; fires of war and hate need to be extinguished from people’s hearts. We can dig into this potential, dip our fingers and minds into the abyss, and pull out something beautiful. Pull out something…futuristic, and innovative. We need to quit focusing on unearthing more hardships, and instead focus on changing the darkness into twilight, and fix the problems that we see day to day.

I recently had a long chat with a friend of mine, you may know him from his HRC endeavours. His name is Zachary Mallory. Well when I spoke with Zachary, I found that we both had a lot in common. We talked about life, depression, stupid decisions our country is seemingly making for us, etc. But the one thing that we really synched up on, were our convictions. We both strongly agree, that people make miracles, and that we can change things by standing together as one unit, and not as some kind of divide. Why rely on God, or the forces of nature, or whatever spectral entity you align with, when you can make that change by yourself. You have that power. You have that gift. There is nothing that you cannot do. All you need to do are two things:

  1. Believe in yourself, and
  2. Ask for the help of others, and believe in them as well.

Believe it or not, we as the human race are capable of great things. We are capable of loving each other no matter what happens, and we are capable of ringing the great bell above our heads.


So don’t ever feel like you can’t do something that you want to do. Don’t ever buy into the pressure of an Iron Will, or of the electric eyes of the government, nor those who would do you harm. You are an amazing, well-oiled, self machine. And don’t you ever forget.

Through the amazing help of others, I have:

Created my very own IRON WILL,

Carefully tempered STEEL CONVICTIONS,


Replaced my blood and hemoglobin with MERCURY VEINS,

And silenced any RUSTED HOPE that may linger within me.

We as people are beautifully well tuned robots, and we will show them what we are capable of. Let’s cast off our doubts, and creatively and lovingly change the world, hopefully for the superlative, and also for the innovative and inclusive.

I’ve also included a piece of music written by myself, inspired by my time in the cities, and also, closer to the monster that we call surveillance.

The piece is called ‘Iron Will’, I hope you enjoy it. I also hope that you hear just what my heart has gone through, to undergo this new look on the world.

Copyright 2017, Leonardo Ronaz.

I still continue to love and adore, each and every one of you…

— Leo ❤

About the author:

Leonardo Ronaz is secretly an introvert, and is gay. All he needs are his friends, his video games, and his music.