Meet the Spirit of Matthew Award Semifinalists!

We had an extraordinary list of applicants and nominees for this award. We run into the same problem every year: how do we choose between these bright, engaged, inspiring youth?

This is why you’re going to help us. We have the semifinalists chosen based upon their nomination essays.

We are taking a vote on social media and need YOUR help determining the finalists! Meet the semifinalists below and then head to our Twitter or Facebook to vote!

Jaimie Wilson — Jaimie is a transgender country singer who is using his voice for good. Read more about Jaimie here.

Gavin Grimm — You may have heard a thing or two about Gavin Grimm, who is taking his case to court, demanding equal treatment and dignity for transgender teens around the country. Read more about Gavin here.

Drew Adams — Drew is a transgender activist in Florida. He’s on the GLSEN National Student Counsel and compiled a training for teachers and administrators in his district because he saw a deficit. Read more about Drew here.

Alyssa Sileo — Alyssa is the team leader for The Laramie Project Project, a theater group from New Jersey that sought out forty-nine groups to conduct performances or hold readings of The Laramie Project this year. They assigned the name of a Pulse victim to each school to dedicate a production in their honor. Read more about Alyssa and LPP here.

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