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#MusicMonday: Bobby Guard is a Non-binary Singer-Songwriter That You MUST Hear!

by Ryan Cassata

Bobby Guard is a non-binary singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. They have just released their third single “Meshes of the Afternoon” which was recorded in their home studio. This homegrown, folk-pop single is completely self produced and recorded. Bobby Guard wrote all lyrics, melodies, and music for each instrument performed on the song.

A folksy-sounding vocal tone matches the authentic instrumentation performance. An acoustic guitar carries the track, soft and drums keep the pace. Unique chord choices keep the listener pleasantly surprised and engaged with the music and storytelling lyrics. The songwriting style fits in with the Woodstock-era, but also echos more modern folk artists such as Father John Misty and Phoebe Bridgers.

“I wrote the song after moving back to my hometown from Los Angeles, and wanted to express that feeling of how places- and people- change over time. I recorded almost everything at home, and was lucky enough to have my best friend since high school do the engineering. It was a real homegrown affair.” — Bobby Guard on Meshes of the Afternoon

Listen to Meshes of the Afternoon on Spotify now:

According to Bobby Guard’s Spotify biography, the young singer-songwriter has a large catalogue of songs that have yet to be recorded. Hopefully many of these 100 plus songs, will join their catalogue soon.

I recommend listening to Bobby Guard’s other singles: Faith Alone, and Hi-lo. The three songs in Guard’s catalogue all carry a rawness and authenticity that is a rarity in the music world today.

If you’re looking for other transgender and non binary singer-songwriters, I highly suggest checking out: Mae Krell, Grayson, LeónRose, Madeline Eckhart, and boyhood.

Bobby’s songs and the great works of other trans artists can be found on this Spotify playlist that is frequently updated and added to!

About the Author:

Ryan Cassata is an award winning singer-songwriter, actor, performer, writer and LGBTQ activist & motivational speaker based in Los Angeles. With features in Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, and The Daily News, Ryan has made the most of his young career, which started when he was just 13.

As a musician with over 550 performances touring across the United States and internationally, including dates on the Van’s Warped Tour, SXSW and at the world’s biggest pride festivals, Ryan has been praised by The Advocate saying he’s a “Transgender singing sensation,” Paper Magazine put him on the “50 LGBTQ Musicians You Should Prioritize” list, LOGO put him on the “9 Trans Musicians You Need To Get Into” list and Billboard put him on the “11 Transgender & Non-Binary Musicians You Need to Know” list and premiered his most recent music video for “Daughter.” He has also been heard on Sirius XM Radio, BBC Radio 4 and other radio stations around the world. MORE INFO AT:



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