Poem: A Dozen Roses of Self Love

by Rosalynne Montoya

A Dozen Roses of Self Love 
A love letter
For me, not you.

dysphoria may
Intrude my thoughts,

Still I thank my body
Survived, transformed, fought.

I have legs for days,
Support me to march and run.

These arms create, paint,
Raise fists as one.

My smile radiates,
Comforts, and spreads.

This face is beat — 
Lips in warrior red.

My blind coal eyes
Seeking out diamonds of truth.

I embrace my femininity — 
Failed to hide it in my youth.

As my hair grew it wrapped
Me in a cocoon of chocolate silk

Self care isn’t vanity,
Im shedding my guilt.

Obsessed with my curves,
My ass makes me proud.

This voice is power!
Shout it out loud:

Won’t be erased,
Can’t ban my existence!

I’ll join my siblings;
Expect my resistance!

dysphoria comes 
dysphoria goes

I’m beautiful still,
Head to toes.

My love is your love. 
I’ll remember you,

I’ll remember trans
Is beautiful too.

About the Author:

Rose Montoya is a Hispanic transgender woman. She has a passion for advocating for her community and helping others feel valid, loved, and beautiful. She is also a writer, makeup artist, and model. She grew up sheltered from the LGBT community without knowing any queer people or the language for her own identity. She hopes to be the person she needed when she was a growing up by sharing her story and living visibly.