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The Pope’s Endorsement of LGBTQ+ Marriage

and what it means for us — by Judy Bokao

The endorsement of civil unions for the gay community by the Pope has been received with mixed reactions. It is because the world has an attitude towards LGBTQ+ people, where some factions of society tend to believe that they are lesser beings and do not deserve the same rights as everyone else. One challenge that the LGBTQ+ community goes through is the denial of their rights.

The Pope’s statement is creating issues because many Christians are anti-gay. The perspective through which homosexuality is seen and judged is different to them. The Catholic Church has maintained consistency with loving the sinner and not the sin.

The Pope has also faced opposition to changing the doctrines of the Church. However, he gives a further explanation of why people need to exercise true love. In this context, true love means that even queer people deserve love.

Globalization of LGBTQ+ Rights

The issue of the globalization of LGBTQ+ rights is trending. Resistance on the grounds of faith has set the pace towards undermining the mission. However, there are countries and social groups that have accepted, allowing the LGBTQ+ community to exercise their rights.

Some religious institutions have also led by example by accepting the queer community. The Pope has also shown the Catholic Church as embracing the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. However, there are still many challenges the Church faces with such decisions.

At the end of the day, this acceptance is a big win for the LGBTQ+ community because the Catholic Church is global. The Pope’s statement has a direct impact on many nations, including those denying LGBTQ+ rights. Being queer and participating in religious activities has, therefore, become possible.

Endorsement of LGBTQ+ Marriage

Previously, Pope Francis had been seen as being on a mission to “undermine families.” To some, recognition of LGBTQ+ community and their practices in the Church is becoming a matter of concern. However, his firm stance on showing that everyone is a child of God and deserving of justice is solidifying the stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

He admits that it is God who judges and no one else has that right over others. The angle saying homosexuality is regarded as sin is what he is against. Denial of rights, violence, and lack of social support make queer people lesser beings, which is wrong.

The Pope’s remarks have gotten positive acceptance from various groups and countries. Activists from Uganda, Bolivia, the Philippines, and many more agree with him.

The Church Doctrine and LGBTQ+ People

The claims making rounds are that the Pope is changing the church doctrines. However, his actions seem to focus more on implementing the doctrine without discrimination — without change. Frequent condemnation about same-sex marriage has been part of his speeches before and he is changing that now.

Although the Church as a whole is against the queer community, the Pope emphasizes that loving them is important. His actions are not against the church doctrine. He emphasizes that they are human and need equal treatment like anyone else.

It is, therefore, right and just for LGBTQ+ people to get married. They should consequently enjoy coverage of the union laws. Just like the rest of the Christians, they were created by God.

What’s Next for LGBTQ+ Support?

The Pope continues to give statements that make his support for LGBTQ+ folks firmer. The relationship between the Church and LGBTQ+ community is becoming better day by day. Acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community by the Church is bearing fruit, as more and more queer people are now attending the service and taking part in church activities.

Although there is opposition, there are possibilities that LGBTQ+ people will have equal family rights within the Church. The Church’s view is that they will have a chance to save LGBTQ+ souls with love.

We should therefore expect the Church worldwide to give room to the LGBTQ+ community without judging. Many countries guided by the Church will receive the community with open arms and love.


The Pope’s endorsement of LGBTQ+ marriage is key to the success of the group in getting justice. Love after all is the greatest commandment , why stop people from loving each other?

About the Author:

Judy Bokao is 20 years old and was born in Ethiopia but relocated to Nairobi two years ago. She is passionate about everyone having equal rights and is also big on conservation and speaking up for our planet. Judy loves reading and photography and is just a free-spirited young lady trying to grow into a woman her mom can be proud of.



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