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Unique Gift Cards to Buy Your Mom for Mother’s Day

by Chaya Milchtein

While I have mixed feelings about the famous Hallmark holiday, for many, and probably for you, it holds significant sentimental value. Pandemics make tough times for the traditional brunch and flowers, so I decided to put together this unique list. These unique small businesses have the perfect gifts for your maternal figure. Instead of buying a physical item, why don’t you choose a gift card instead? This helps small businesses and allows you to continue social distancing while still celebrating Mom.

And this is no regular list. The companies I’m showcasing sell the most unique and interesting gifts that you would be proud to be the gifter of.

Grown in a small family owned walnut orchard in Northern California, Corky’s Nuts offers a unique tasting experience for the ultimate foodie. Organic, fresh, whenever what they grow and harvest sells out, that’s that. While you might think you know walnuts, the reviews for this small business make it clear that until you’ve tried Corky’s Nuts you haven’t really experienced walnuts.

Handmade head scarves and waist beads made by a veteran who is a woman of color. The Kalipeni Foundation Nonprofit Organization gets a donation of $2 from every Malawi Headwrap sold by this small business. Inspired by Malawi and Ankara fabrics, buying a gift card from Malawi Headwraps would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift.

Founded by Keba Konte, Red Bay Coffee website tells their mission best. “Red Bay Coffee is at the forefront of what we believe is the fourth wave of coffee — a firm commitment to ensure coffee production is not only high quality and sustainable, but a vehicle for diversity, inclusion, social and economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.”

If your mother is a coffee lover, a gift card to Red Bay Coffee is the perfect caffeinated gift.

While visiting Seattle’ Pike Market earlier this year, I stumbled upon a micro business that sold bracelets in my size! I’ve never been able to walk up to a jewelry seller and buy bangles that fit. Seattle Raindrop Jewelry handmakes affordable sterling silver and gold filled necklaces, earrings and bracelets in her studio in Seattle. If your mom is a jewelry lover, she’s definitely going to love a gift card to Seattle raindrop Jewelry.

You can not go wrong with a gift card to the Hello Lemon Zesty with their hilarious take on art. When you mom visits their Etsy shop, she’s sure to find a mug, a print, hoodie or something else entirely that she’ll laugh at for years down the road. With the world feeling quite dark at the moment, laughter feels like a good if temporary way out.

A meal planning service that helps you have the environment and avoid waste? What a wonderful service to gift your mom. Started and run by a professional chef who knows food and cooking intimately. If your mom hates when leftovers get thrown out or just wishes she could have some cooking inspiration, giving a gift card for this service will definitely make her day.

Does your mother love crafting? Or journaling? Anyone with a love of stickers would be in heaven with a gift subscription to Pipsticks sticker club. I might seem a big silly but I think silly is exactly what we all need right now.

Celebrating anything right now can be tough and for those of us with complicated relationships with family even tougher. Whomever you celebrate on Mother’s Day with, even if it’s yourself — support these small business while you are at it.

Chaya Milchtein is the driving force behind Mechanic Shop Femme. As an automotive educator, speaker and writer, she’s made it her life’s mission to educate women and LGBT people about their cars. Her website also highlights her work on her other passion: empowering women to live their best lives in the bodies they have, through fashion and modeling. Chaya’s work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Go Magazine, and others. She lives with her fiancée and tortoise in Wisconsin. Follow her on twitter @mechanicfemme.



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