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WHAT I KNOW NOW: Deputy Lieutenant, LGBTQ+ Activist David Catterall

David Catterall is a Deputy Lieutenant, LGBTQ+ activist, and Head of Commercial Services for Bury Council which includes a £10m portfolio and a workforce of over 1000 people.

Name: David Catterall

Hometown: Wigan, Greater Manchester

Where you live now: Bury, Greater Manchester

What you wanted to be when you were a teenager: I wanted to be a chef, however, I displayed more talent for leading and management. I wasn’t a very good chef!

What you do now: I am Head of Commercial Services for Bury Council which includes a £10m portfolio and a workforce of over 1000 people

What you’re most proud of: That I was appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant. The role includes being the representative of the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, who is the direct representative of her Majesty the Queen. I was appointed to this role in recognition of the work I do for charity and the support I give within the LGBTQI+ community of Greater Manchester.

3 words that describe your teenage self: Awkward, Worried, Overcompensating.

3 words that describe you now: Confident, Vocal, Supportive

What you would tell your teenage self: That coming out will not be as difficult as you think. People will accept you and you can be your true self. Try not to worry too much about what people think of you as you’ll be fine.

What you wish you knew about coming out that you know now: That people are accepting and those who are not, do not matter. If anyone is trying to stop you from being yourself, then they are thinking of their own interests, not yours.

What you love most about being a part of the LGBTQ+ community: It’s a tight community, it’s fun, vibrant, supportive and diverse. I love that I have friends who are gay, bi, lesbian, trans, intersex, drag queens, questioning, straight and that are all from different backgrounds and cultures. It’s very fulfilling.

Person you most admire: My sister.

If you could change one thing about the world, you would: Make people more tolerant and open to different ways of being. Letting them know that if people can be themselves then it supports communities in a positive way. Diversity makes for better living and equal rights does not take away rights from anyone else and I wish people could see that.

What inspires you now: The drive for equality. To champion diversity and inclusion and be bold, lead by example and help anywhere I can.



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