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WHAT I KNOW NOW: Greg Miraglia, Professor of Criminal Justice and LGBT Studies

After decades in law enforcement, Greg Miraglia now serves as President of Out To Protect, where he recently presented the LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course to the F.B.I. National Academy. In addition to being a professor of LGBT studies at Santa Rosa Junior College, City College of San Francisco, and dean emeritus at Napa Valley College, he is also the author of “Coming Out From Behind The Badge” and “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge.” Miraglia is also currently Vice President of the Matthew Shepard Foundation Board of Directors.

NAME: Greg Miraglia

HOMETOWN: Walnut Creek, California

WHERE YOU LIVE NOW: Santa Rosa, California

WHAT YOU WANTED TO BE WHEN YOU WERE A TEENAGER: I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, but just before entering high school, I went on a ride along with our local sheriff’s department. I was hooked on law enforcement immediately and decided to pursue that career starting in high school.

WHAT YOU DO NOW: I worked in law enforcement for three different departments totally 27 years. I had the opportunity to work as a 9–1–1 dispatcher, police officer, supervisor, division commander, and finally as the deputy chief of a very small agency in Napa County. I started teaching at the police academy when I was 23 and moved to that job full time. I currently teach law enforcement and LGBT studies classes at three different colleges.

WHAT YOU’RE MOST PROUD OF: I’m most proud of finally coming out as a gay man and helping inspire others in law enforcement to do the same. Professionally, I am most proud of having created the LGBT Studies Degree program at Napa Valley College.

3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOUR TEENAGE SELF: Hard-working, cocky, happy

3 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU NOW: Hard-working, passionate, beyond-happy

WHAT YOU WOULD TELL YOUR TEENAGE SELF: Be patient, be humble, and you don’t know it all. Be confident in who you are and live your truth.

WHAT YOU WISH. YOU KNEW ABOUT COMING OUT THAT YOU KNOW NOW: I wish I had the confidence in knowing that my family and friends would support me and, in fact, that life and career would be so much better living life honestly and openly.

WHAT YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING IN THE LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY: I love being different and most of all the opportunity to meet amazing and incredible people.

PERSON YOU MOST ADMIRE: Dustin Lance Black and Cleve Jones. It’s hard to pick just one, because both are amazing activists who have given themselves to the movement.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT THE WORLD, YOU WOULD: I would make being LGBTQ+ equal in all respects to be straight and cisgender, eliminate all laws and prohibitions related to sexual orientation and gender identity and have being LGBTQ+ appreciated and admired.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU NOW: I am passionate about teaching and being an LGBT activist. I am inspired by the work of others in the movement, especially young activists who put themselves out there by standing up for what is right and for their own truth.




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