Why We Erase Hate: A Conversation on Bullying

It’s Colorado Gives Day! Today, we are looking to raise $5,000 for this blog–MatthewsPlace.com–which is a program of the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Today, we want you to see a video about Matthew’s Place made by LGBTQ+ advocate Michael Garcia and our Communications Manager, Sara Elizabeth Grossman. It’s about Michael’s experience with being kicked out for being gay at age 14 while also being bullied at school.

Instead of turning towards self-harm or bullying others, he became an advocate for the underdogs. We love this about him.

Matthew’s Place is a blog site by and for LGBTQ+ youth, where they discuss pop culture, politics, dating, getting tested, mental health, and more! Help us support youth by supporting this fundraiser today.

Any amount helps, even $5! http://bit.ly/2iQOhHw