10 Thoughts | Day 15

User Growth Experiments for HippoGive

At work, I’m managing the growth of an incredible app called HippoGive that rounds up your everyday transactions to the nearest dollar and donates the difference to organizations of your choice. Here are 10 ideas for experiments I can run to grow the application:

1 | Longest Chain of Giving
Each user will be given a referral code, and the code that generates the most sign ups will earn a prize for all users of that code

2 | Round Down Week
For every purchase users make in an upcoming week, we’ll round down the total amount to the nearest dollar and reimburse them for the amount

3 | Media Sponsorships
It can be surprisingly cheap to sponsor podcasts and videos with solid followings, and you may be seeing the HippoGive logo on a Facebook video as soon as August 14th

4 | Gift Cards
We tested a campaign where we gave users gift cards for signing up to use the app, and we were able to acquire a good amount of users fairly quickly, so we’ll double down on our gift card campaign

5 | Spin Class
Along those same lines, we’re talking to spin studios about hosting a class for users to incentivize people to sign up for HippoGive and promote the app more broadly

6 | IFTTT Integrations
What if there were additional ways to donate beyond round-ups, such as donating $1 every time Trump tweets or donating $1 for every 5,000 steps you take? I bet more people would sign up!

7 | Bar Tab for Users
Millennials go to amazing lengths for free food and alcohol, and I bet they would sign up HippoGive if we were to open tabs at prominent bars in DC and buy drinks for users who show that they donate through the app

8 | Influencer Campaign
A lot of prominent celebrities have publicly supported many of the organizations on our platform like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood…I bet that if we made donations on the influencers’ behalves and tweeted about it we’d get the influencers to retweet our post

9 | Email Capture
You know what’s really difficult? Getting people to download an app named ‘HippoGive’…let’s start by getting some emails before we go for the download

10 | Personal Intern for a Day
Want me to bring you lunch without lifting a finger? Pick up your $5 latte? Drop off your dry cleaning?? Download the app and I’ll fulfill requests for users all day!