10 Thoughts | Day 2

Inspired by this exercise

1 | 10 Thoughts Website
Get feedback on the ideas I’m posting and conduct interviews with the users who “like” them to develop them into better products

Because running in cities gets old

2 | Curated Running Trails
Suggest new running paths based on location, typical running distance, and difficulty to combat the boredom of running the same path every day

3 | Traffic Light Running Assistant
Running assistant that keeps you moving during your entire run by directing you to green traffic lights (helpful for walking too)

Running during the summer makes a few miles feel like 26.2

4 | Humidity Breathing Assistant
Wim Hof method for breathing in humidity? Pill that helps you breathe in humidity? Whatever the solution, sign me up!

5 | Anti-Sauna
Cool down service to combat the need to cool down after a workout

…and makes walking feel like an all-out sprint

6 | Anti-Weather Apparel
Clothing that keeps you cool, especially in areas of your body that get the sweatiest

7 | Anti-perspirant that actually works
Signed: my armpits after my 1.2 mile walk to work in DC humidity

Other random shenanigans

8 | Moneyball for employees
Analytics and programs to help employees perform at their peak

9 | Content blocker for streaming live events on a delay
I know a Cubs fan who had Game 7 of the World Series spoiled by people texting him before the plays happened on his stream

10 | Individual Team Streaming Passes
Streaming passes for individual teams as opposed to paying for an entire league’s games