10 Thoughts | Day 8

10 Non-Tech Things I Can’t Live Without

1 | Grill
One of these days I’ll get a Big Green Egg so I can rival Mark Zuckerberg’s backyard BBQs

2 | Squatty Potty
Number 2 in the bathroom, number 1 in my heart.

3 | Large Ice Cube Mold
Nothing classes up a homemade cocktail like a perfectly-formed cube of ice

4 | Foam Roller
I use my foam roller every day in various ways — as a pillow, as a prop for doing work on my stomach — but rarely use it to stretch…alas, it makes the cut.

5 | Cord Buddies
I’m a little OCD (read: very OCD), and these little guys are awesome for keeping my cords organized

6 | Card Buddy
I stopped carrying a wallet around once I got one of these for my phone

7 | White Board
I egregiously splurged on a glass white board…only the best for my walls

8 | Washington Capitals Pillowcase
This pillowcase has gotten me through some tough times…almost all of which were caused by Caps’ Game 7 defeats

9 | Tide To Go Pen
I live life in the splash zone

10 | Herschel Dopp Kit
What, you think I let my toothbrush sit in the same compartment as my clothes like a barbarian??