1. Non emergency transportation service: Problem- The issue in society is that many 911 calls do not end up being emergencies which takes time and resources from real emergency cases.An app or call in service that provides car rides (like UBER) for medical services, such as ER visits, taking people to appointments, etc would eliminate this problem and also diminish ER wait times. The driver would be a first aid responder or EMT certified, aiding those in need if necessary
  2. Diabetic specialty food/grocery store: With almost 10% of the population in America having diabetes, having a grocery story or a specialty food store specifically targeting this population would be beneficial. This would provide a central location for all products aimed at helping those with diabetes. The voices in my head will ask how would this even be possible? What sort of distributors would be partners? Do these “diabetic friendly” products exist or are we essentially starting a whole new food product line?
  3. Career counseling: This app or service would aid people in preparing for interviews, helping adults with cover letters/resumes/ and job searching.
  4. Home cooked meal service: Someone comes to your home and cooks weekly with the groceries you pick out. Tailored to your tastes. This would help families who are too busy to cook or don’t have the energy to, but still want a home cooked meal.
  5. Curated app where it tells you where the parking structures are in LA, how much it costs to park in a specific place, hours and where street parking is allowed. Essential in big cities like LA.
  6. Nanny service to help disabled or mentally ill children: Families who have children with special needs, need extra support and leisure time. These nannies would specifically have experience and be able to give families a break when needed. The voices in my head are telling me that this is a great idea in theory, but how willing are these parents to trust caretakers with their children?
  7. Dessert Delivery: How many times have you sat at home thinking “ I could use some chocolate cookies or cupcakes right now but are too lazy to actually go to the store? Well, this app would do essentially that. Whether it’s delivering fresh cookies, ice cream, or sweets, or just buying from a store, this would surely fulfill MANY girls desires.